Virtually all fires start small but grow rapidly, if a fire can be detected soon enough and fought immediately it will take surprising little water to put it out.

Domestic Sprinkler Systems

Domestic Sprinklers must be compliant to BS9251:2014
British Standard Requirement of system design to provide 2 no of sprinkler heads at required flow / pressure to be activated in any one room at same time for 10 minutes.
Domestic systems are installed in properties such as family homes, apartments and  some HMO properties.
We can carry out all works required as we carefully and respectively  install a system designed for your property.
The key elements to install are:
  • No oblligation inspection and quote
  • Detailed Drawings prepared
  • Full design /Installation
  • Certificate of compliance

Sprinklers are the first line of defence in the event of a fire and we can design and install a residential or domestic fire sprinkler system to match your specification and property requirements.

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