Virtually all fires start small but grow rapidly, if a fire can be detected soon enough and fought immediately it will take surprising little water to put it out.

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As humans we are always evolving, examples of this can be seen in how we protect our home, from the first security alarm to smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to the latest smart home technology. Further protection to your home can be a fire sprinkler system designed to minimise damage and protect life.  Your home is where your heart is so protect it with a Caledonia Sprinkler System.

Why Install a Caledonia Sprinkler System?

Smoke alarms are a good warning system but only effective if they are heard.  What happens if you are deaf or bedridden or simply not there.  A recent report highlighted that 95% of children will sleep through a smoke alarm.  Even if the alarm is raised at the earliest opportunity while you wait for the fire services to arrive let your Caledonia fire sprinkler system be your first response.


At Caledonia Sprinkler Systems we will design, install and maintain a bespoke system to protect you and your family, fully compliant with all regulations.


Whether this is a retro fit, install to an existing property or a new build we will work with you every step of the way from design, submitting drawings and working in partnership with be it with yourself , architects builders and building control.

Domestic Sprinkler

There’s a growing need for domestic sprinkler systems in the UK.


Residential Sprinkler

There’s a growing need for domestic sprinkler systems in the UK.


Caledonia Sprinkler Systems

A fire starts small. If detected and tackled early enough a fire can be controlled with very little water. Fire sprinklers operate automatically even if you are not at home releasing water directly over the source of the fire and sounding the alarm.

Sprinklers are the first line of defence in the event of a fire and we can design and install a residential or domestic fire sprinkler system to match your specification and property requirements.

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